Issue 6 – Print


Bear Grylls is known world wide for his astonishing survival skills. However, in this issue he talks openly about his struggles with low self esteem, and how setting himself seemingly impossible challenges has helped him learn the essential qualities we all need to face life’s toughest twists and turns. We also address the very difficult subject of how to cut ties with toxic people; if there are individuals in your life who are making you extremely unhappy, you need to find the courage to walk away – even if they’re members of your own family. On a lighter note Dr Dean Burnett investigates the benefits of background music to help us focus, particularly when the task at hand is mundane; and Nick Haslam talks about the realities behind the concept of the ‘midlife crisis’. We also have some beautifully written case studies including one from Holly Watson, whose near death experience helped her to understand that only love could stop her father from being abusive towards her; and Amelie Baker who has contamination obsessive compulsive disorder shares with us her coping strategies when faced with the very real threat of Covid-19.

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