Issue 7 – Digital


In 2008 Katie Piper had sulphuric acid thrown in her face. Despite extensive injuries, and thoughts of suicide she decided not to let her disfigurement define her. In this issue we take a look at the past 13 years of Katie’s life, during which she’s endured over 300 operations, and demonstrated that no matter what life throws at you (Katie had always wanted to be a model) with the right determination and mindset you can still achieve your dreams . We also discuss the reasons seemingly-ordinary woman are attracted to very bad men, such as bank robbers and psychopathic serial killers – amazingly it’ so common that there’s a term for this psychiatric paraphilia disorder: hybristophilia. Our focus article takes an in depth look at psychosis, from mild psychotic experiences, such as feeling threatened for no reason, to full-blown psychosis which can include visual and acoustic hallucinations. And as usual we have a wonderful array of case studies, including Howard’s, who has narcissistic personality disorder; this is followed by an interesting look at the many famous people, both past and present, who also show signs of having this mental health disorder.

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