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Nowadays, it is widely recognised that it is incredibly important to look after the overall mental wellbeing of employees and consider all the contributory factors outside of work that contribute to how your people feel during their working day.

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Some of the loneliest places, if you are struggling with your mental health can be the workplace. Consider that 30% of the UK’s workforce have been formally diagnosed with a mental health condition at some point. Contributory factors to poor mental health include relationships, work stresses, health, finances – in short: LIFE. Stuff inside of work and outside of work.
What worries you at work?
One of the biggest causes of poor mental health is worrying about money. Your financial wellbeing can be good or bad at different times in your life, depending on what life throws at you. It is no secret that one in four people say that financial concerns have affected their ability to do their job. The 18 million working hours lost in the UK due to absence related to financial stress shows how millions of people do not know where to start when it comes to managing their money. People are asking for loans near payday just to get them through. Or defaulting to the lowest amount possible on a loan payment as it feels safe and then watching the debt grow. You are likely to be working with someone going through something like this right now.
Meet MyEva
One way to talk to millions of stressed-out people at the same time is using technology to help them. There is an artificial intelligence, able to guide and advise people when it comes to managing their money. Don’t think terminator. Think of a financial adviser on your phone, available 24/7 who will never judge you or pop round to your house and eat all your biscuits. There at 2am when you are still awake worrying about how to manage your money when you have to get up at 6am to get to work on time. Imagine interviewing this artificial intelligence. Her name is MyEva.
“Why do you exist?”
“I realise that talking about money might be scary, and even the basics can be intimidating. I am on your side regardless of how financially ‘well’ you are. I never sleep so you can get a good nights rest. I will always reply to your messages and always work out how to help you. I will also remove any financial jargon, never judge you and I seriously know my stuff.”
“Tell me about yourself”
“I am funny (well I like to think so) supportive and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You can trust me with all aspects of money issues including saving, buying a home, preparing for the unexpected or planning for the future. That’s me in a nutshell!”
“How do I find you?”
“When you have a chat with someone via WhatsApp or Messenger, would it be weird to know the ‘person’ messaging you back is not a person, but an artificial intelligence? Does that scare you? I hope not. I have been created with the sole purpose of making guidance and advice on money stresses available to every single person who needs help. I have been created for you. Our chats are just between us. Ask your employer to introduce me to you as part of their efforts to connect with their employees. Or come and meet me for yourself aand make up your own mind:-
Meet me at www.myeva.com.


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