Issue 10 – Digital


Issue 10 features one of the best tennis players of all time, Roger Federer. Not always the cool-headed athlete we see today, Roger learned that to reach the top he would need to harness his emotions, allowing him to focus on the bigger picture – winning the match – instead of getting emotionally caught up in each individual point. This is something will can all learn to do, and our article on page 50, Exercising Control, teaches us how to put negative, unhelpful feelings aside, and focus on what really matters. We also bring you the surprising psychological benefits of dance therapy, which, for thousands of years and in multiple cultures, has been used as a communal, ritualistic, healing force, from the Lakota Sun Dance (Wiwanke Wachipi) to the Sufi whirling dervishes (Sema). And in one of our most fascinating case studies, Sonia talks openly about being diagnosed as a psychopath, and how she successfully negotiates life and relationships, despite having impaired empathy, guilt and remorse. One of the most important messages she wants to get across is that not all psychopaths are violent – whilst she may not be able to feel the pain of others, it doesn’t mean she wants to go out of her way to cause suffering. As she points out – we all know right from wrong, regardless of how our brains work.

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