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Issue two opens with an article on the healing powers of pets, which has been observed and documented since the 1700s, when animals, such as rabbits, sea-gulls, hawks and poultry were first introduced into a mental asylum in York. Then, following on from his article in the launch issue, Professor Paul Gilbert explains how we can train ourselves to stimulate the parts of the brain conducive to our mental wellbeing, through compassionate mind training; and we explain the physical reality of emotional pain, and why society needs to recognise the impact the loss of a pet can have on someone’s life. Our regular Focus feature takes an in depth look at Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Catherine Benfield explains, in her beautifully written case study, how she came to name and ‘tame’ her intrusive OCD. This issue also offers: “Embracing Our Emotions”, why it’s so important, both physically and mentally, to accept and express all our inner feelings; “The Mind-Body Connection”, the many physical symptoms caused by depression; and “A Guide to the Workplace Bully”, what steps employers can take to overcome and stamp out a bullying culture in the workplace.

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