Issue 3 – Digital


Traditionally, scientists have tried to define the mind as the product of brain activity. However, in this issue we have a case study that will question that assumption, as Lori takes us through her near death experience (NDE), leading her to the conclusion that consciousness isn’t confined to our brains, or even our bodies. Our regular Focus article addresses social anxiety disorder – why people suffer excessive emotional discomfort in the presence of others, and Jodie Promod, Head of Communications at Grant Thornton talks about exercise, and the impact it’s had on her mental wellbeing. If you’re having financial difficulties, then we have two articles that will be of interest, one by Gethin Nadin, who discusses the emotional nature of money, and the other that looks at how employers are increasingly turning to MyEva to give their employees financial peace of mind. This issue also offers: “The Art of Detachment”, advice on how healthcare professionals can deal with the emotional baggage they encounter in their profession and “Hidden Danger”, Leslie Morgan Steiner’s story about her marriage to a man who routinely abused her, and why society needs to address the many misconceptions it holds about victims of domestic violence.

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