Issue 5 – Digital


Research has found that comedians, including our cover girl, Ruby Wax, tend to have personality types linked to a range of mental health conditions. As well as featuring Ruby’s own personal experiences with depression, our article: “Tears of a Clown” showcases eight other well know comics who fit this profile. This issue also features several philosophical articles, including: “Sam’s philosophy for a happy life” – although born with a rare genetic disorder called progeria, this didn’t stop Sam Bern from taking charge of his own happiness, and he’s keen to pass on his words of wisdom; Naval Admiral William McRaven’s talk about the invaluable life lessons he learned while training to become a Navy SEAL; and “There’s truly northing to fear but fear itself”, a life-transforming article from yogi and mystic Sadhguru. Our regular Focus article is about Alcohol Abuse Disorder, followed by a heartfelt case study from Milly, and her struggles with using excessive amounts of alcohol to numb her grief. And with Covid-19 forcing many people to work from home, employer’s should be more worried about burnout than a lack of productivity, as our feature ‘Dividing Time’ explains.

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